Bootblacking As a Scene

Posted: August 5, 2010 in bootblacking

It happens.  I’m down there, at your knees, enjoying some wonderful quality time with you and your boots and then…someone comes up and just starts talking to you.  Or maybe I’m licking your boots and we’re having a wildly erotic time, the connection is there, our eyes locked and then…someone thinks it’s ok to just come up and join in.  It’s hard not to be amazed at the way people seem to act with bootblacking when they’d never behave that way around another scene.

And it is a scene.

The best way I’ve found to help people understand what is going on when I bootblack is to get them in my chair.  Once they have it done to them, they seem to understand that this IS play.  Until then, their intentions may be completely pure when they bumble into a boot scene.  They don’t know what it is that is going on between the people involved or else they likely would behave differently.  I also try to remember that this might actually be an opportunity.

I had one bootblacking session I was doing that was going rather well.  Suddenly, the person’s submissive decided to join in without asking.  At first, I felt a little miffed.  After all, if it was another kind of BDSM scene, I believe she would have at least asked.  It was hard not to react with ruffled feathers and it did break my headspace.  However, I just rolled with it and turned it into a demo for her.  It lost some of the special headspace, but it did become something different that inspired her to keep learning and it also helped provide a service for the Dom in my chair in that now his submissive is interested in learning more about bootblacking and caring for his leathers.  If I had gone with my initial gut reaction and acted irritated, it is likely that she would have had her feelings hurt, her Dom would have been irritated either by her or me or both, and I still would have lost my headspace as well as the opportunity to plant the seeds for a new bootblack.

The fact also is…bootblacking isn’t about sex for everyone.

I see many bootblacks out there who are very great technical bootblacks.  They can care for boots and leathers and raise a shine that anyone would be proud of.  For some of them, the person in the boots or leather is secondary and it is more about them zoning out and providing a great service in the care they give.  For others, they make a friendly connection to those in their chair, happily chatting as they work and swapping stories.  They are often like the small town bartender, giving advice and listening to people’s troubles.  For others, it feeds their need to serve.  I think all of that is great and I’ve had times with people in my chair that go those directions and I’ve enjoyed them.

Still, for me…it IS sexual.

When you’re in my chair, you are my world.  Everything else fades away as unimportant, just as if you were flogging me or whipping me.  I care only about you.  I see only you.  Maybe it will lead to more and I’ll be doing an erotic boot scene.  Maybe it won’t because of a variety of different reasons.  That’s ok.  Regardless, I will slide my hands over your leather.  I will massage it and I will look up at you from my knees.  Maybe we will talk.  Maybe we won’t.  Usually, I will take my cues from you.  If you want to talk, I will.  If you want to stay silent and just stare at me, I will do my work in silence, the look in my eyes meeting yours will be enough.  If you want to be stoic and ignore me, I will connect with the leather and worship it with my hands and you will be like a statue, an icon of leather for me to pay homage to.  Whether or not I go further, it is sensual and it is a scene.  My breathing will deepen.  My face may flush and my skin will warm.  You will see the look in my eyes change and you will feel the fluid movements of my hands on your leathers.  I can tone it down to make you more comfortable, but no matter what, it is always there.

There is always my desire for the leather and my connection to you and only you, the person in my chair.

So…who’s next?  😉

  1. I’m still stuck in the realm of technical blacking … still learning … still struggling and am immensely jealous of those that can *truly* make it a scene … I’ve watched them … I’ve been a part of them but for me … when they’re in *my* chair … I just can’t do it. This was lovely to read. Thank you for the insight.

  2. MJoM says:

    There is ALWAYS a desire for leather…will be THAT person in your chair!

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