Power Exchange In Bootblacking

Posted: August 9, 2010 in bootblacking, M/s

I love power exchange.  I make no secret of the fact that if I had to trade every single one of my kinks, give up even ever licking another boot or feeling fire or a single tail, I would do it if it meant I would still get to experience power exchange.  It’s the only kink I actually think that I could not ever be happy or fulfilled without.  I just wouldn’t be able to even be in a successful relationship, I think.

Luckily, I don’t have to give up all my other kinks and I can even incorporate power exchange into them!

I think it’s important to note that not all bootblacks experience power exchange as a part of their bootblacking.  It’s also important to note that there are plenty of bootblacks who fall on the dominant side of the D/s or M/s divide and that some of them express power exchange through their bootblacking.  One of the things I love so much about this artform is that you really can express yourself through it and that those expressions can be as unique as the individuals themselves.  I know dominant bootblacks who tie people to their chairs and even physically top them in boot scenes.  I know others who prefer to keep power exchange out of their bootblacking and work as an equal to those in their chair.  Just as with most other things in this wonderful, kinky world, it’s incredibly individual.

That all being said, I bootblack as a slave.

Boot scenes give me a space to express my submission in a visual and physical way.  I choose to bootblack on my knees even when a chair is available and even when it’s uncomfortable.  I like looking up at the person in my chair and I enjoy being beneath them physically.  I move my hands across their boots in worship, like a slave before the feet of the king or queen, offering homage and service.  For me, it is not a place of humiliation, it is a place of pride to be allowed to kneel at their feet and offer myself through my bootblacking.  When I do leather garments, I ask them to stand in front of my stand and I still remain mostly on my knees, looking up at them, my hands caressing their way up their body until outstretched up to them, my breathing deep and calm, my face serene with the blissful, peaceful state of submission to them and to their leather.  If the mood is right and the energy good and they consent, I will rub my cheek against their thigh and use my entire body to caress and worship their leather, the very symbol of their Leather journey and in those moments, I feel completely a Leather slave, content and joyful in my place in my community.  As I touch them and care for them, I hold their journey and all those who have touched it in my hands and I worship that and connect with that, even if I don’t make that connection with the person themselves.

When I have a submissive or slave in my chair, I connect with them as a brother or sister in service, but it is still from a place of submission that I serve them.  When I have a Dominant or Master or Mistress in my chair, that is when I really feel myself come alive in my submission within the boot scene.  Sometimes, there is even a bit of my own animal side that comes to play, as it often does in the dynamic between my Master and I.  I push against the boot I hold and the owner pushes back and I feel that give and take as I push against their dominance.  As I condition their pants or chaps, I run my fingers up and down them, my cat’s claws sheathed for now, but I can feel their muscles underneath register my silent challenge and the hard look in their eyes lets me know that I am pushing that edge with my own feral look to them and that if I pushed much further, their hand might reach for the flogger at their side.  I play on that edge as I often do in my own dynamic and just as there, we both feed off of the give and take, the challenge and response followed by submission.

Bootblacking is a playground for me in my submission and I play there with all the enthusiasm I bring to power exchange.

Game on!


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