When a Player Can’t Play

Posted: August 11, 2010 in BDSM

I’m a lucky girl…spoiled really is a better word for it.  I get multiple opportunities to play and I have a Master who isn’t afraid to play hard.  For a masochist, there’s little better than a nice, intense play session to get everything out and leave me relaxed and centered.  It’s like the feeling of a good, hard workout, only moreso.  I often get to play multiple times in a weekend and even get to try different types of play.

The problem is…sometimes life gets in the way!

Sometimes, as much as we want to, we simply can’t play.  There are logistics to work out and then there’s just the annoying tendency for life to get in the way when we most need to play.  Now, I’m told about the “titleholder’s curse” that seems to mean that titleholders get to talk a lot about play, even watch a lot of play, but don’t get much themselves.  Pfffffftttt!  Definitely not what I want to hear when I’m craving a nice, hard scene.

So, I try to find ways to scratch the itch a little.  I try to find ways to distract myself.  I try to find healthy outlets for all that pent up energy.  I look forward to my next opportunity for a good scene.  Mostly, though, I just get grumpy and fidget, then I chastise myself for being so grumpy and fidgety and then I try to be zen about it and then I become grumpy and fidgety because I can’t seem to be zen when I want to play and the circle continues.

It’s a good thing I have a patient Master!!!


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