Vampires Among Us

Posted: August 12, 2010 in BDSM, general

I finally started watching True Blood and although I’m a little late to the party, I’m catching up quickly with season 2.  One of the things I love most about the series, besides the fact it has hot, sexy vampires, are the parallels I can draw between the world of the vampires in the show and my own world.

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t quite fit in my daytime life.  There are times that the vanilla people around me seem almost like sheep or like they are living their lives half-asleep.  We walk among them, but we are not like them.  We have ways of recognizing our own kind among the herd and we find it necessary to blend in at least to a certain extent to have careers and function within the world, but we are never really one of them.  We are something different, wilder, bolder.  We are not tame creatures.

Like the vampires in True Blood, we feel the need to form our own, separate society in order to feel safe and that we have a place where we fit in.  Like them, this society is based on traditions and hierarchies that aren’t necessarily in line with mainstream society.  Many of us, when we entered this life, did lose our families of origin.  Many of us build new families within this society.  Sometimes we even build nests or households where we can live among our own kind.  Over time, we earn our place in this society and seek to help those just coming in.  We often have friendships with those in the outside world, the world we came from, but we still often feel a deeper bond with our new kind.

I also see a lot of parallels of M/s or D/s relationships in True Blood, specifically in the relationships between vampires and their humans.  There is an inherent power imbalance in any relationship between a vampire and a human in the show.  Vampires are stronger physically.  They live longer and have special powers.  Humans by comparison are fragile and temporary, yet freer to feel emotion and move through the world.  Vampires often have to protect their humans, both from human society and from other vampires and in the vampire world, they are viewed essentially as the property of their vampire.  I remember watching the main vampire character, Bill’s frustration at not being able to control his human, Sookie and I could see that part of it came from the fear that if he could not control her actions, he would not be able to protect her.  Human Dominants, too, often feel a need to control in order to feel that those they care for are safe.  They often seek to protect, mold, and shape those under their care, with a concern for what will make them a better version of themselves.  Sometimes, a submissive crosses over, becoming a dominant themselves.  Other times, the power imbalance remains permanently, like a vampire choosing to have their human remain human rather than turning them.

Then there is the question of “makers.”  In the True Blood series, vampires have a special connection and relationship to the one who made them.  They are bound to them and must obey them unless released and there is often a very deep emotional bond between them.  To me, this echoes the bond of a submissive brought into the lifestyle by their Dominant, but it also speaks to the influences we all have that shape us into what we are.  I asked my Master after a particularly interesting episode, “Are you my Maker?”  He couldn’t help but pause a bit, considering the similarities.  Yes, he has shaped much of what I am when it comes to our lives in Leather, but I have had others who have guided my path as well.  When I asked him who his maker was, he similarly had many answers.  Still, I think both of us feel a strong bond to those who have shaped our paths.  Perhaps we are not bound to them and unable to disobey, but there is a strong bond that is not easily broken there.  For me, it is a bit more literal since my bond to him cannot be broken except by release.

So yes, perhaps we are a lot like vampires, but I like to think that for all that we take from each other, we give back equally and that we also, in ways big and small, give back to the vanilla humans around us, even if it is just to be the embodiment of their darkest, most secret fantasies at times.  I hope we never choose to give up what we are in order just to fit in and still proudly live our lives as the fantastic, ethereal creatures we are.

And I’ll keep wearing my fangs.


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