My Highlights from the 2011 Master/slave Conference

Posted: September 7, 2010 in bootblacking, M/s, Titleholding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Master/slave Conference in Washington, DC. Words can’t really capture a weekend like this and there’s no way I could capture each of the moments that made the weekend so amazing, but here are a few of my highlights, in no particular order.

Shit. No really, Shit.

The keynote speaker, the elegant and well spoken and accented slave Caroline gave a wonderful speech which used shit as a metaphor for the changes we undergo as we make our way from a starry-eye noob in this lifestyle to a seasoned veteran and the many traps we can fall into. It was good shit as well as some very amusing shit. By the end, I had examined my own shit quite a bit and come to a point where I was ready to change some shit.


If you’ve ever wanted to meet the authors of those books about M/s that are collecting dust on your shelf or if you’ve ever caught yourself reading them and wished you could ask the writer a question, this was your dream conference. I wasn’t able to attend many classes due to my bootblacking schedule, but the ones I did each made about fifteen different lightbulbs go off in my head, whether it was something I really want to journal about, a new tool for my personal dynamic, or fresh ideas for my local M/s community, I took away so much from each session I was able to attend and my Master and I had long discussions afterwards about the classes he attended and what we could take from them.


I had never attended the formal ceremony where a Master is recognized by his peers and awarded his Master’s cover, the iconic Muir cap by which Masters within the Leather community are recognized. This weekend I was deeply moved and honored to get to be present as Master Jack McGeorge was awarded his cover posthumously. If you do not know who Master McGeorge was, it is well worth a google search to find out. It is ironic that a man who so exemplified what we consider a Master to be and was so widely respected had never actually received his cover, but it was a very emotional moment when his peers, Masters, Sirs, Mistresses, Ma’ams, all Dominants who knew and respected him, all stood up, affirming the judgement to award his cover. His cover was given to his son, who stood proudly with tears on his face as Master McGeorge’s slaves stood, silently bearing witness with tears of their own, their Master just having passed away last year. I can’t help but now look at that cap with a newfound respect for those who are judged worthy to wear it.

Boots…of course.

I spent a lot of hours this weekend bootblacking and, as often happens, I think I learned even more kneeling there and serving than I would have anywhere else. Whether it was hearing from a Master/slave couple who have been together 41 years and their stories, or caring for the boots of Master Taino’s family and listening to theirs, I learned so much from each person in my chair. It was as if all the classes I was missing walked down the hallway and sat in my chair to give my private lessons while I worked on their boots and leathers. I will cherish these memories of a great weekend spent bootblacking! (There were also a few very hot scenes as well…I’m talking to you, Mr. Police-issued gloves!)


The second night of the event centered on preserving our history as a theme. A good deal of money was raised to support the Leather Archives and Museum and Momma Vi Johnson announced that the Carter-Johnson Leather Library has been given non-profit status, helping to ensure its future and help it grow in its mission to educate all of us on the legacy we each inherit. I was privileged to spend a good deal of time with Momma Vi this weekend and get to know her and she is definitely a treasure of the community as well as a fellow vampire and lover of boots!

This weekend was a great reminder of all that is worth preserving and passing down as well as what makes the day to day life in a M/s relationship worthwhile and special. I plan on sharing more of what I gained there in blog posts, but no words can ever capture what it was like or what a wonderful event it was. I am honored that I was able to be a part of it!

Thank you to Master Taino, his Family, all the many volunteers, sponsors, and presenters who made this event possible and a heartfelt congratulations to Master Don and slave orja, the 2011 NorthEast Master/slave titleholders!


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