Why Fundraising Is Important

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Titleholding

I don’t think fundraising is ever easy for a titleholder. We don’t generally compete for titles excited about holding fundraisers, but rather see it as necessary work that must be done so that we can get to the “fun” stuff, whatever that is for each of us. Often, it can seem to our communities that we are always asking for money and it can be difficult for them to see why they should participate and contribute.

Still…it is NECESSARY.

Titleholders have to travel. In order to get to the events they are required to attend and give the demos, presentations, and workshops that they have been chosen to give, they have to travel quite a bit. For International titleholders, this also means a lot of air travel, which we all know is expensive. To get to these events, most titles have travel funds, but if those travel funds fall short, titleholders often end up paying for their travel out of their own pockets. It’s not uncommon for titleholders to go into personal debt during their title years, all while striving to serve their community.

So…where does that travel fund get its money?

In order to make sure that the titleholder can get up and running quickly after they win, the travel fund for them is actually funded in part by the titleholder the year BEFORE them. So, my travel fund was filled by the efforts of the titleholder who came before me and it is now my responsibility to try to make sure my successor will have the money he or she needs to travel.

Talk about “pay it forward!”

I wish I could just write a check and fund the titleholder after me, but, unfortunately, no one person has that kind of cash, particularly these days. That is why we hold fundraisers and ask our local community to contribute what they can. Most titleholders try to make these fundraisers as fun and entertaining for people as they can and try to make sure that people get something for the money they contribute. Most of us pay for the venues and equipment for our fundraisers out of our own pockets. All of this for money for the next person to hold our titles or for charities, not for ourselves. Last year, the titleholder before me did the same for me, so how could I do any less for the next person to wear the mantle?

This is where YOU come in.

Please, please, be understanding when titleholders hold events in your area. Try not to schedule over their events. Often, it is difficult for them to find a free weekend in their schedules as it is and these events often take up what might be their only weekend at home that month. They need your support. It’s not easy swallowing your pride and walking up to your community with a hand out, asking for them to contribute, so try to do what you can to make it just a little easier for them. Don’t feel obligated to give a lot, but please do give what you can spare to help the titleholder next year as another community helped yours.

…and now back to your regularly scheduled bootlicking and other play!


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