Why I’m Celebrating National Coming out Day

Posted: October 11, 2010 in general

I am a bisexual woman, but I have more reasons than that for celebrating National Coming Out Day.

There was a time when no one could be out of their closet. Many of the changes we see around us that have allowed the GLBT the freedoms they do now have are because some brave people were the first ones to step forward, out of their closets, and stand up and say, “Yes, I am your neighbor, your coworker, your son or daughter…and I am gay/lesbian/bi/queer/trans.”

Those people risked so much and often lost so much just to do that, just to be honest with who they are, but what a change they made!

Over time, as more and more voices joined the chorus, everyone else began to realize that they knew someone who was gay or that they had a lesbian aunt. Suddenly, more and more, people realized we’d been living among them all along, so how exactly were we to be feared and demonized when they knew us? We became individuals! We became human faces that they knew.

Still…the fight is far from over and the heterosexual kinky community needs to realize they have a stake in it!

While our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters have had to fight to get the courage to come of out of their closets, how many of those of us who are straight or bi and kinky have managed to remain in ours? When the GLBT community gains greater acceptance and freedom, we benefit as well. The same political climate that fosters these freedoms for the GLBT community also loosens up the restrictions placed on us, particularly when it comes to public play spaces. The more accepted the GLBT community becomes in an area, the closer we come to acceptance as well.

But do we put any skin in the game? Not enough.

We need to support our GLBT brothers and sisters. Those of us who can safely come out should. Those who can’t should support those who do. Together we are stronger than if we allow homophobia to separate us. Together our numbers are louder and our voice is stronger.

So yes…I am a bisexual Leathergirl…and I support and celebrate National Coming Out Day for all those who came out before me and lost family, jobs, and even risked their lives…so that I can say that.


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