Leather – It’s More Than What You Wear

Posted: August 16, 2011 in general

This weekend I was honored to judge the Bootblack Toronto contest as part of Toronto Leather Pride.  It was an amazing weekend of Leather and brotherhood and it was also my first time attending a rubber contest.  I had a whole lot of fun hanging out with the contestants for Mr. Rubber Toronto and even got into the spirit by purchasing and wearing my first piece of rubber, a very nice corset top from Northbound.  It’s always fun to discover a new fetish and I certainly think I have.  I loved the look of the rubber, the shininess, the texture as I rubbed it.  The longer I wore it, the more I enjoyed the sensations, the way cool stone felt through it, the way I could feel someone touching me as if I were naked, the way it felt like a second skin.  I even enjoyed the way it snapped against the skin when pulled and the way my sweat felt under it.  Yes…I think I’m a newfound rubber fetishist and I’ll likely be getting more pieces.

After the contests, I was spending some quality time with a bootblack friend of mine.  I was wearing my leather chaps and boots with my new rubber top and feeling very feisty.  She was wearing a lovely outfit that reminded me of a saloon girl from hell, along with a pair of lace ups leather boots that ended at her knees.  Together, I think we made quite the striking pair of Leathergirls.  An older leatherman I didn’t know came up to us, wearing his boots, jock strap, and harness and we greeted him with smiles.  A bit into his cup, he proceeded to tell us that, basically, we weren’t wearing enough leather to be Leatherfolk.  Granted, I think the gentleman had already begun celebrating that day, but I had to explain to him that, indeed, my chaps were leather.  After I politely smiled and thanked him for his advice, he thanked us for “continuing his traditions” and we parted ways.

Have you ever had one of those times when, after the fact, you think of a dozen different comebacks to a comment?  My entire plane ride home I thought of them.

To begin with, both my friend and I each had, per square inch, more actual cow on than the gentleman in question.  However, I don’t really think that is the point here.  The point that I think this fellow was missing was that Leather is about more than just the garments we wear.  During the weekend, I saw a very highly respected Leatherman have to attend most of the contests in a business suit due to his work schedule.  Not only did I not view this man as any less Leather in his smartly tailored suit, but in fact, he definitely looked hot and certainly would have pleased any suit fetishists in the crowd!  Throughout the contest, two incredible Leathermen wore rubber and vied for the Mr. Rubber Toronto title, as much a part of the Leather contests and Toronto Leather Pride celebrations as any other of the title contestants.  These men were no less Leather when in their rubber.  I doubt anyone would say that a Leatherman in nothing but his boots is somehow magically no longer a Leatherman.

Leather is more than the hides we wear on our backs, no matter what our gender.  My companion and I did not somehow hack out our hearts or our spirits when we put on rubber or lace.  We did not turn our backs on our Leather brothers and sisters and somehow change our identities.  We were there, at the bootblack stands, wearing what satisfied our fetishes of the day, celebrating and reveling in our community together with other Leatherfolk.  I know I didn’t feel any different just because I chose a rubber shirt versus a leather corset, except perhaps that I was sweating more underneath it.  I still felt the same sexual, primal energy I always do when I put on my gear and go out to play.  I think that when our definitions of what a Leatherperson should or shouldn’t look like become so rigid that they get in the way of the full expression of the sexual deviance and kinks that brought us to Leather in the first place, we may begin defining ourselves out of existence.

Naked or clothed, even in corporate drag, Leather is something that goes far beneath the skin.  I think I will continue to add to my rubber wardrobe…after all, it mixes so well with leather chaps, silk corsets, and bare skin.  In the end, though, I’m glad I erred on the side of politeness with the nice man who didn’t mean to ruffle my feathers, but instead to offer advice.  After all, if there’s one thing I can agree with him about Leather, it’s that we all have our opinions and should rightfully and respectfully express them.

Besides, anyone who’s seen me dance knows I do some stupid things when I drink!  (Big box, little box, goldfish!)  😉

  1. You know, I’ve been meaning to thank you for this post, and everything. This past weekend I was at a Pride event in a city in which I once lived. This post and our conversation came to mind as I spoke with a wonderful man who deeply touched my life. Thank you again, for the reminder.

    Until next we meet,

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